Welcome to the CCD Lab

The Cognition, Culture, and Development Laboratory is directed by Dr. Cristine Legare and is located in the Psychology Department at The University of Texas at Austin.

Children are actively engaged in learning about the world around them. In our research we investigate how children acquire new information and construct new ways of understanding through exploration and learning from others.

We study cognitive development from an interdisciplinary perspective by using a variety of methods to examine how children learn across cultures. We conduct research on a number of foundational research topics in cognitive developmental psychology including causal reasoning, social learning, the development of scientific and supernatural beliefs, and science education.

Our research on the cognitive foundations of ritual is funded by a large grant from the ESRC titled Ritual, Community, and Conflict. Additional funding for this project has been provided by the Templeton Foundation. Please see: http://www.icea.ox.ac.uk/research/ritual/ for more information.